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Illegal entry bill moves to full Senate

By Shelby D. Salazar The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – After heated debate, a Senate committee Tuesday approved a measure that would define the circumstances in which citizens can use force to prevent a police officer from entering their homes, but not before amending the bill. Senate Bill 1’s author, Sen. Mike Young, R-Indianapolis, introduced the […]

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Video: Doorkeepers – Men of power at the Statehouse

Check out our news story about the doorkeepers. Click here to read. The doorkeepers. They are the people who control access to the Indiana House and Senate. they determine which members of the public, which lobbyists and which protestors seek lawmakers. And they love their jobs. Watch and see why:   Doorkeepers: Men of power […]

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Doorkeepers serve vital role at the General Assembly

By Krista Chittum The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – They are men with power. They speak daily to state representatives and senators. They decide who to let into the House and Senate chambers and who to keep out. They are the only thing standing between you and the chamber floors. They are doorkeepers and they are […]

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Senate passes human trafficking legislation; bill moves to House

By Zach Osowski The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – The Senate unanimously passed a bill Tuesday that would strengthen Indiana’s law against human trafficking, keeping the legislation on track to pass before the Super Bowl. Senate Bill 4 broadens the definition of human trafficking so that it can include the recruiting, harboring or selling of a […]

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Commentary: Gingrich’s politically divided America

By John Krull The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS—Newt Gingrich sat in his office, his feet pushing against the coffee table in front of him as he tilted back in a straight-backed chair. As he talked, Gingrich smiled like a kid who was getting away with something.  Sometimes, he pushed the coffee table too hard and it […]

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Poll: Lugar leads Mourdock among Indy’s GOP voters

By Timothy Cox The Statehouse File Incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar is leading challenger Richard Mourdock among Indianapolis voters in a battle to be the Republican nominee in next year’s senate race. A WISH-TV/Franklin College poll found 49 percent of voters self-identified as Republicans or independents would vote for Lugar in the GOP primary, if the […]

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