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Gubernatorial candidates discuss violence, vouchers and mass transit

By Adrianna Pitrelli TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS — For the first time, gubernatorial candidates Democrat John Gregg, Republican Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb and Libertarian Rex Bell took the stage together at Central Library Sunday to discuss issues regarding public transit, school choice vouchers and recent perceived police violence. Public Transit Infrastructure in the Hoosier state could make […]

Guest column: The bell-shaped curve meets education

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Guest column: The bell-shaped curve meets education

By John Guy Special to TheStatehouseFile.com This curve controls education. It suggests an impossibility that proposed reforms will work for all students. Results in any human endeavor, and in most physical and scientific experiments, are inexorably distributed according to the bell-shaped curve. The vertical axis is a number of students, teachers or schools. The horizontal […]