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Commentary: Whatever happened to shame?

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Commentary: Whatever happened to shame?

By Janet Williams TheStatehouseFile.com  Ever wonder what happened to that quaint old notion of shame? You know what shame is, don’t you? It’s the sensation of embarrassment and humiliation when you recognize that you have done something wrong, that you have offended the sensibilities of honorable people. I began wondering about that notion when former […]

Column: Donald and Newt, a love story

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Column: Donald and Newt, a love story

By John Krull TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Somehow, it’s fitting, even perfect, that Donald Trump might make Newt Gingrich his running mate. The two make a great match. Between them, they would bring to the fall campaign a total of six spouses and a shared history of extramarital wanderings, coupled with a willingness – no, an […]

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Commentary: Beware of the Draft Newt scam

By Cam Savage TheStatehouseFile.com Recently a political action committee or PAC was formed with the stated purpose of drafting Newt Gingrich to run for the United States Senate from Virginia against Democrat Mark Warner in next year’s election. On Sept. 18, the Draft Newt PAC began soliciting contributions and petition signatures, which generated a moderate […]

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Commentary: Gingrich’s politically divided America

By John Krull The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS—Newt Gingrich sat in his office, his feet pushing against the coffee table in front of him as he tilted back in a straight-backed chair. As he talked, Gingrich smiled like a kid who was getting away with something.  Sometimes, he pushed the coffee table too hard and it […]