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Senate committee approves survivor health coverage for public safety officials

By Claire Castillo TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — Lawmakers took a step Tuesday to extend health benefits to the families of law enforcement officers and other public safety officials who lost their lives in the line of duty. Sen. Michael Crider, R-Greenfield, authored Senate Bill 152 because he said was concerned about how surviving families are affected […]

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2,500 rape exam kits never processed statewide

By Janet Williams The StatehouseFile.com More than 2,500 rape kits from potentially viable cases currently sit unprocessed in police and sheriff evidence rooms across Indiana, a review of the untested kits has revealed. The statewide county-by-county count of the number of untested rape kits took place over the summer and early fall through the combined […]

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Families of fallen officers could continue to receive health insurance

By Adrianna Pitrelli TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS — While serving as a conservation officer for 30 years, Sen. Michael Crider saw friends die in the line of duty and immediately wondered what would happen to their families. “Early in my career, a DNR officer died in a plane crash at 27,” Crider said to the Interim Study […]

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Indiana’s infrastructure undergoes plans to be repaired

By Ashley Steeb TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — More of Indiana’s crumbling roads and bridges will be fixed as a result of a massive funding bill approved on the final night of the legislative session. House Bill 1002, the plan to improve Indiana’s infrastructure, sailed through the General Assembly on Friday with a vote of 37-12 in […]

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Rules for roundabouts move forward in Senate

By Darrell Crenshaw TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS–Roundabouts are becoming more common at Indiana intersections, but there is still a question about whether residents know how to navigate them. The Senate Homeland Security and Transportation Committee heard testimony Tuesday about House Bill 1039 that deals with the safety of roundabouts. HB 1039 would require a driver to yield […]

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New protections for police officers being discussed by lawmakers

By Ashley Steeb TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana lawmakers are discussing strengthening penalties when a law enforcement officer or their family is harmed, regardless of whether they are on- or off-duty. “With the recent targeting and violence against police officers, it’s imperative for Indiana to update its laws to protect our public safety officers both on- […]

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Bill to extend statute of limitations on rape moves to full Senate

By Chris Arnold TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Keith Morris, a victim of a sexual assault as a child, found himself unable to seek justice for the crime committed against him. After 24 years of processing the incident, he finally came forward and shared what he had experienced, but nothing could be done because the statute of […]

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Bill would extend statute of limitation in rape cases

By Chris Arnold TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – An Indiana lawmaker is pushing a bill that would increase the statute of limitations from five to 10 years in rape cases when an offender confesses or is identified. The bill is part of a package outlined Wednesday by five Central Indiana senators who are concerned about crime in […]

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Meet Sen. Michael Crider, bringing experience to the Indiana Senate

By Brittany Muncy TheStatehouseFile.com This story is part of a series of Q&As with newly elected members of the Indiana House and Senate. INDIANAPOLIS- Republican Sen. Michael Crider, R Greenfield, is ready to begin his first term in the General Assembly after taking over for long time senator Beverly Gard. Crider will represent the newly […]