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Confined animal feeding operations pose challenge

By Makenna Mays TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Surrounded by cornfields and farmland, Hill Farm sits far from any neighbor or residential business, and it is not until one is halfway up the family’s long gravel driveway that the smell of manure begins to register. Marc and Heather Hill are fourth generation farmers, raising more than 30,000 […]

Commentary: Indiana water is safe to drink


Commentary: Indiana water is safe to drink

By Carol S. Comer and Mary Hollingsworth Special to TheStatehouseFile.com In response to editorials and news stories throughout the nation, we want to assure Hoosiers that Indiana’s drinking water is safe, and the only comparison that can be made between Indiana and the crisis in Flint, Michigan, is that Indiana’s drinking water experts have taken […]

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Video & story: Committee postpones action on bill to limit local livestock rules

Bill could take control of farming structures from local government from TheStatehouseFile.com on Vimeo. By Adam Lee TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS – Communities across the state will have to wait a bit longer to see if they will continue to have the authority to restrict construction of livestock buildings, after the Senate Agriculture Committee postponed a vote […]

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State to hear comments on proposed wetlands impact fee

By Seth Morin TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Three information sessions will be open to the public to learn about a proposed program that would let applicants pay a fee for unavoidable impacts to Indiana’s streams and wetlands. The permits must be submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the Indiana Department of Environmental Management […]

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30 Laws: New law protects homebuyers from meth mess

By Emily Metheny TheStatehouseFile.com This is the third in a series of stories about new laws that are taking effect, most of them on July 1. INDIANAPOLIS — A new state law should protect Hoosier homebuyers and real estate agents from buying or selling properties contaminated by meth labs. The law – passed as House […]

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Pence pledges to fight EPA carbon rules; environments applaud proposed reductions

By Paige Clark TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Mike Pence said a proposed EPA clean energy rule will be “devastating” to Indiana’s economies, Hoosier families and jobs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plan calls for states to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. Pence called the plan […]