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Lawmakers weigh differences between two different Cannabidiol bills

By Kayla Walker TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — Lawmakers from the Indiana House of Representatives and Senate wrangled Thursday over similar bills to legalize cannabidiol treatment for people with epilepsy, but didn’t vote for either one. They said they would take the discussion up at their next meeting. Cannabidiol, or CBD is found in the seeds, stalk, […]

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30 Laws: State needs federal approval to move forward with industrial hemp

By Paige Clark TheStatehouseFile.com This is the first in a series of stories about new laws that are taking effect, most of them on July 1. INDIANAPOLIS – The state could be waiting several months to implement a new law that allows the research and production of industrial hemp, even though Gov. Mike Pence signed […]


Bill to legalize industrial hemp headed to Gov. Pence

By Jess Seabolt TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – A bill to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Indiana is headed to Gov. Mike Pence after it passed the House Wednesday night and the Senate on Thursday. Democratic Sen. Richard Young of Milltown said that over a period of years Senate Bill 357 would have a large […]

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Hemp bill passes House, waits for approval by Senate

By Olivia Covington TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – A bill to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Indiana passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The Senate is expected to vote on the legislation Thursday. Senate Bill 357 would require farmers growing industrial hemp to obtain a license and be subject to inspections and audits to […]

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Lawmakers find compromise on hemp farming bill

By Antonio Cordero TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – A legislative conference committee has reached a compromise on a bill geared towards legalizing the production of hemp but the deal must now get approval from both the House and Senate. The House of Representatives had previously amended the bill to cover a broader spectrum of hemp production and […]

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House sends industrial hemp bill back to Senate

By Lesley Weidenbener TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – The House approved a bill Monday that would allow farmers to grow hemp – a non-hallucinogenic cousin of marijuana – if the federal government lifts restrictions on the crop. Senate Bill 357 passed 93-4 and moves back to the Senate where it has already passed. The Senate can now […]

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Webcast episode 8: TheStatehouseFile weekly roundup

Anchors Erika Brock and Jess Seabolt host our eight legislative webcast with stories about road funding, industrial hemp, Indiana Grown, trespassing penalties, biosimilars and more. TheStatehouseFile TV – Episode 8: State Fair and Alcohol, Minor Tanning and Lifeline Law Expansion from TheStatehouseFile.com on Vimeo. Reporters Deron Molen, Jess Seabolt, John Sittler and Jesse Wilson have […]

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Senate sends hemp production bill to House for debate

By Lesley Weidenbener TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – The Senate voted unanimously Monday to pass legislation that would legalize the farming and production of industrial hemp in Indiana. Senate Bill 357 – authored by Sen. Richard Young, D-Milltown – now moves to the House for consideration. The bill does not affect the state’s marijuana laws. Instead, it […]