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Applications now open for scholarship encouraging teaching careers

By Makenna Mays TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — When Meghan Yencer found out she had been awarded the Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship, she was filled with gratitude. “It is a lifted weight to know that you don’t have to be responsible for paying that amount of money to go to school,” said Yencer, a secondary English […]

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Exhibit explores how childhood toys teach science throughout years

By Abrahm Hurt TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — “See butterflies turn monsters, fingertips become maps and a waterdrop reveal a universe,” read a 1971 ad for Sears microscope sets displayed in a new Indiana State Museum exhibit. Science at Play allows visitors to explore the history of science kits and toys through a collection from the Chemical […]

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Encountering part of Africa in southern Indiana

By Abrahm Hurt TheStatehouseFile.com  PAOLI, Ind. — Among the farms and hills of rural Orange County, visitors can get up close and personal with some of Africa’s giants. “I’ve had an interest in them for a long time,” Jerry Fuhs said as he stood near one of the elephants he works with. “I just went […]

Commentary: Indiana’s real learning problem

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Commentary: Indiana’s real learning problem

By John Krull TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS – As I grow older, I become more and more convinced that zealots cause most of the trouble in the world. The unreasoning and uncompromising nature of their fervor gives them influence that is completely disproportionate to their numbers. Because their positions are grounded in faith – religious or ideological […]

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Holcomb puts the best of the best STEM students on his team

By Christina Ramey TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Holding their new blue and gold letter jackets, four top high school graduates stood with the governor as their jackets spelled out “STEM.” These students are a part of the Gov. Eric Holcomb’s first STEM team. They are the elite among Indiana’s students in science, technology, engineering and math. […]

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Indiana School for the Blind leaves its mark on the state, nation

By Nicole Hernandez TheStatehouseFile.com Editor’s note: This story is a part of series tracking how money and resources in the state’s $32.3 billion two-year budget and other programs are spent. INDIANAPOLIS – High school senior Jadyn Rudd was born legally blind and was in second grade before her family learned she is deaf in her right […]

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Two-year budget sent to the governor after late night votes

By Shelby Mullis TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — The state’s $32.3 billion two-year budget will head to the governor’s desk for final approval next week after lawmakers resolved several sharp disagreements over taxes and education funding. The budget passed both the House and Senate Friday, 68-30 and 42-8 respectively. “I’m very satisfied that we’ve completed a historic […]

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Suicide awareness training bill passes to governor unanimously

By Ashley Shuler TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS — A bill requiring teachers and staff members who have regular contact with students to be trained in youth suicide and prevention awareness is headed to the governor. The latest version of House Bill 1430 combines its contents with Senate Bill 506, which creates more extensive suicide training requirements than […]

Commentary: Political fog, education smoke

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Commentary: Political fog, education smoke

By John Krull TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS – Like so many other pitched conflicts, Indiana’s education wars have created a great deal of fog and dust. That’s made it hard for Hoosiers to see what’s really going on. The unseemly battles between former Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, a Democrat, and the members of the […]

Commentary: Embracing a system that cannot work


Commentary: Embracing a system that cannot work

By John Guy TheStatehouseFile.com Standardized test scores (ISTEP) are not useful in measuring teacher performance, according to Indiana’s school superintendent in recent testimony.    A surprise is that this statement came from a Republican whose party has advocated standardized testing for decades. Her principle is self-evident:  using test scores to measure teachers, and, by extension, […]

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