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Human sexuality bill raises concerns about parental rights, impact on LGBTQ students

By Quinn Fitzgerald TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS ­– A Fort Wayne high school student told a House committee that she was surprised to find a speech class she was taking included lessons on gender neutral pronouns. “My parents were not informed of this material before I took the class and were shocked to see it in my […]

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Senators support parents’ choice in sex education

By Erica Irish TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS—When it comes to educators, minors and taboo topics likes sex, Indiana’s senators erred on the side of parents Tuesday. Lawmakers approved Senate Bill 65, authored by Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, 37-12, to require schools to send out permission slips for any in-class discussion on three specific areas of human sexuality: […]

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Replacing ISTEP with ILEARN waits for governor’s approval

By Katie Stancombe TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – A bill that would replace ISTEP with an almost identical test advances to the governor’s desk. Indiana schools will administer its current test for one more year before switching to its replacement, ILEARN, which would be the similar to ISTEP — just shorter and branded with a new name. […]

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ISTEP may stick around longer than hoped

By Taylor Brown TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Road funding and education, including extending the life of ISTEP, are some of the priorities the Senate Republicans’ listed Tuesday. They expect ISTEP, which was originally slated to be replaced next school year, to stick around for a year or two. They’re concerned rushing a new version of the […]

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Students celebrate Ivy Tech Day at the Statehouse

By Gary Qi TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — Students, staff and legislators celebrated Ivy Tech Day at the Statehouse Wednesday. Teresa Lubbers, Commissioner for Higher Education, discussed Indiana’s strategic plan, Reaching Higher and Achieving More. The goal is have 60 percent of Hoosiers have quality degrees and credentials beyond high school by 2025. “Why are we focused […]

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Should Indiana pay for before and after school care?

By Anastasia Gentry TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Members of the Senate Monday debated whether the state government should pay for before and after school care. Senate Bill 251 would create the Indiana Out of School Time Learning Fund to pay for before and after school programs that are operated through the schools. The Department of Education […]

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ISTEP bill protecting school accountability grades moves to the House

By Alexis Weidner TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS- After 2015’s expected low ISTEP scores, the Senate passed a bill Tuesday to prevent the scores from hurting schools’ A-F accountability grades with a 49-1 vote. Senate Bill 200 received bipartisan support. Sen. Earline Rogers, D-Gary, spoke in favor of the bill Tuesday, stating the bill did more than just […]

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Bill prevents 2015 ISTEP from damaging school accountability grades

By Sarah Ramon TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – A proposed bill could ensure that schools will not be held liable for their A-F accountability grade during the 2014-2015 year. Author Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, believes the change would aid the transition to more challenging academic standards in the future. “The legislature was sensitive and aware that these […]

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Bill to require civics test for graduation gets an F – for fail

By Alec Gray TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS –The Senate defeated a bill on Tuesday that would have required Indiana high school students to pass a 100-question civics test to graduate. The bill’s author, Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, said the test would have included the same questions that immigrants have to pass to gain citizenship and that high […]

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Lawmakers continue to debate mandatory civics test for students

By Adam Lee and Alec Gray TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – Students and those seeking American citizenship could be taking the same test in the future after Senate Bill 269 was held for further discussion on Wednesday. SB 269, authored by Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, is designed to ensure that students are well versed in the history […]

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