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Photo gallery: Democrats for fashion

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Democrats across the country also think ‘Pence must go’

By Andi TenBarge TheStatehouseFile.com PHILADELPHIA — Criticism of the Republican presidential nominee did not stop at Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention. Delegates and convention speakers from across the country also shared their concerns about his running mate and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence during the four-day event. “With the Trump-Pence ticket, it’s like a […]

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Indiana delegates join protest after Clinton secures nomination

By Shelby Mullis, Megan Powell and Andi TenBarge TheStatehouseFile.com PHILADELPHIA — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination for president Tuesday, but the historic outcome pushed hundreds of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, supporters to protest. Of Indiana’s 92 votes, Clinton received 48 votes, leaving Sanders behind with 43 votes. Sanders won the […]

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Indiana delegates avoid anti-Trump movement’s convention revolt

By Adrianna Pitrelli TheStatehouseFile.com CLEVELAND — In an unusual series of events, the anti-Trump movement tried to disrupt the nominating process Monday, but Hoosier delegates at the Republican National Convention are unfazed by the attempted revolt. In a last-ditch effort to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the party’s nominee, some delegates tried to force a […]

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Democrats announce delegate allocation for national convention

Staff Report TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — After the Indiana primary, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will receive 44 of the state’s delegates at the Democratic National Convention in July and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will receive 39. Following the rules set by the Democratic National Committee, Sanders and Clinton were awarded delegates proportionally based on […]

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Trump: If we win Indiana, the Republican race is over

By Max Bomber TheStatehouseFile.com CARMEL, Ind. — Donald Trump’s well-known, red hats declaring “Make America Great Again” were scattered throughout the mass of people in the Palladium, as the crowd expanded to the upper balconies and filled the concert hall to capacity the evening before Indiana’s primary. “Tomorrow is game time folks and it’s time […]

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Pence endorses Cruz for president

By Rachel Hoffmeyer TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — Gov. Mike Pence will vote for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the Indiana primary. The governor made the announcement Friday on talk radio host Greg Garrison’s show on WIBC. “This is about choosing between three good men, all of whom I like and respect,” said Pence, “and identifying […]

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Cruz calls basketball hoop a “ring” in famed Hoosiers gym

By Adrianna Pitrelli TheStatehouseFile.com KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. — Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz made a bit of a foul play during a campaign stop in the famed “Hoosiers” basketball gym. “The amazing thing is, that basketball ring in Indiana, it’s the same height as it is in New York City and every other place in […]

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Kasich suspends Indiana campaign, working with Cruz to defeat Trump

By Rachel Hoffmeyer TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — In an effort to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination for president, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich suddenly are working together. Sunday night Kasich announced he’s suspending his campaign in Indiana. In return, Cruz will suspend his campaign in New Mexico and Oregon. […]

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Indiana GOP announces delegates after leadership receives threats

By Rachel Hoffmeyer TheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Republican Party Thursday released the list of delegates who will select the next Republican nominee for president, days after party leadership received threats regarding the nomination process. The list of 57 delegates includes Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, legislators and party leaders. Also on the list—Indiana’s 7th District […]