SOTs: GOP road plan passes committee (HB 1001)

HB – 1001, Committee Meeting, By Lucas Lloyd

Rep. Dan Forestal, D-Indianapolis 
“House Republicans and house Democrats agree that there is no more pressing issue than Indiana’s crumbling road-ways and infrastructure. We all agree that we need to do something about it and we all agree that we need to increase the amount of road work and road maintenance that is done on our highways and byways.”

Rep. Ben Smaltz, R-Auburn
“Keeping a working balance and surplus that we can rely on if we need it, far out ways the impact of a minimal increased gas tax.”

Rep. Robert Morris, R-Fort Wayne
“In the business world, I don’t agree with spending the whole “pot of cash”.”

Rep. Dan Forestal, D-Indianapolis
“There is a very big difference between a cushion of money for a business in a rainy day fund and the peoples money sitting in a savings account and not doing them any good on their roads, education and in those kinds of things.”

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