Shooting hoops with Holcomb at Hinkle

By James Polston

INDIANAPOLIS – From Adams to Whitley, Allen to White — of the 92 counties in Indiana, the governor-elect has made a shot in every single one of them.

As part of the inauguration weekend events, Gov.-elect Eric Holcomb invited Hoosiers to play basketball Sunday afternoon.

“You can’t get any more Hoosier than getting to shoot hoops in Hinkle Fieldhouse with the governor of Indiana,” said Sam Pollock, of Terre Haute. “It was also a great spending time with family to celebrate the inauguration of Gov.-elect Eric Holcomb.”

Hoosiers who came to Hinkle Fieldhouse Sunday got a chance to reenact the famous Milan Miracle game winning shot by Bobby Plump of the 1954 State Championship that was played at Hinkle and portrayed in the movie “Hoosiers.”

Hinkle Fieldhouse is arguably one of the most historic basketball arenas in the country. Built in 1928, Hinkle has hosted six U.S. presidents, many professional and collegiate sporting events, and has been named a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Cole Mackey, freshman student at Butler University, said, “Hinkle has changed my perspective on sports. Period.”

After reenacting the Milan Miracle shot, participants met Lt. Gov.-elect Suzanne Crouch at half-court and had a chance to get their picture taken with her.

Finally, Hoosiers were able to shoot hoops with Gov.-elect Holcomb. Participants took a shot, which was then rebounded by Holcomb. Then to finish it off, the shooters and their family talked to Holcomb and got a picture with him.

A Holcomb campaign staff member said they expected over 500 people to attend.

This was a different type of shooting compared to Saturday’s event at Camp Atterbury where Holcomb’s wife, Janet, provided gun safety training. The incoming first lady is an NRA certified shooting and safety training instructor

Monday Holcomb and Crouch will be sworn in as the governor and lieutenant governor at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

James Polston is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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