Rexnord petition asks governor to help save jobs

By Zoie Richey

INDIANAPOLIS — Rexnord employees met at the Statehouse Thursday to turn in a petition to Gov. Eric Holcomb in hopes of trying to keep jobs in the city.

Employee Gary Canter has worked with Rexnord for about eight years and hopes the petition will change his life.

“This is my second time losing my job in ten years. I’m hoping that I don’t have a third time,” Canter said.

In October, the Rexnord Corp. announced plans to move the bearing plant’s operation to McAllen, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. More than 300 families are at risk of losing their jobs or having to move out of state, according to the Indiana AFL-CIO.

The petition gained 287 Rexnord employees’ signatures within two days of being passed around. Those who signed the petition want Holcomb to take steps to protect their jobs.

Chuck Jones, United Steel Workers Union president, and Don Zering, former United Steel Workers Union president addressed the current issues with Rexnord and what they hope to get out of the petition.

“Here in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, there’s not a lot of $25 per hour jobs that these people will be able to get,” Jones said. “Most of these people’s lives aren’t going to be anything close to what it currently is now, as far as being able to provide for their families.”

Rexford employee Joe Joyce is getting ready to retire, but he’s worried about the future of the state.

“Somebody’s got to start saving Indiana manufacturing jobs. I don’t know how we’re going to support Indiana if we don’t have the income to do it,” said Joyce.

According to Zering, nothing is supposed to happen to the employees’ jobs until June or July, and they aren’t going to give up.

“Look at us. Save our jobs. We are not gone yet. We’re still here. They haven’t taken us away yet,” Zering said.

Zoie Richey is a reporter for, a news sit powered by Franklin College journalism students.



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