Q&A: Meet Sen. Mike Bohacek, ready to represent

By Taylor Brown

This story is part of a series of Q&As with newly–elected members of the Indiana General Assembly. Some responses have been edited for brevity and clarity. 

Meet Sen. Mike Bohacek

Hometown: Michiana Shores
Age: 48
Party: Republican
Occupation: Owns a third-party logistics agency

INDIANAPOLIS – As a freshman legislator, the main focus for Sen. Mike Bohacek, R-Michiana Shores is making sure his district’s needs and interests are being well represented in the Statehouse.

Bohacek said many people in his district have an opioid abuse problem. He hopes to address that problem and wants to bring hard living wage jobs back to his district.

Question: What are some of your main goals for this session?

Answer: Obviously, roads are always a big issue, taking a good hard look at pre-K and keeping the budget balanced.

Q: What motivated you to run for the Senate?

A: I’ve always been involved with politics and it’s always been kind of important to me that if you get to be apart of a community the best way to be apart of it is to be involved with it. We’re involved with a lot of not-for-profits back home and it’s just important to get involved and stay involved. 

Sen. Mike Bohacek, R- Michiana, said he is focused on making sure his district’s needs are addressed this session. Bohacek said the best way to be apart of a community is to be involved in it. Photo by Taylor Brown, TheStatehouseFile.com

Q: What are some of the biggest issues in your district that you would like to address this session?

A: We do have a real problem with opioid abuse. The average family of four in my district lives right at 200 percent of poverty so we do have some real issues with underemployment and being able to deliver a real good high quality work force to manufacturers and economic opportunities when they come into the district.

Taylor Brown is a reporter for TheStatehouseFile.com, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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