Political robocalls banned in Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS — As the final weeks of the election season approach, Hoosiers can expect to see more political ads, direct mailers and yard signs. The one campaigning tactic you shouldn’t see a huge spike in is robocalls.

“In Indiana, our Legislature has adopted one of the strictest laws that strictly prohibits the use of auto dialers which can blast out prerecorded messages at a rate of ten thousand per minute,” Attorney General Greg Zoeller said in a statement.

Zoeller’s office enforces the state’s telephone privacy laws. He has warned campaigns, political groups and political parties that robocalls are illegal if there isn’t a live operator that obtains your permission before playing a recorded message.

The penalty for violating the law is up to $5,000 per call.

Campaigns and political groups are allowed to make traditional “live” calls, even to numbers on the Do Not Call list, as long as the calls are not sales calls.

Hoosiers who receive a political robocall or any other unwanted call can file a complaint with the attorney general’s office at IndianaConsumer.com or by calling 1-888-834-9969.

Zoeller’s office has received nearly 14,000 complaints about unwanted calls this year, a majority of which were about robocalls.

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