IPS upping pay to help attract and retain quality teachers

By Amanda Creech

INDIANAPOLIS – Educators in the Indianapolis Public School district are receiving their first significant pay hike in five years.

Amid the teacher shortage, IPS prioritized teacher raises as a step in retaining and attracting quality teachers.

“Research clearly shows that teachers have the most direct impact on student achievement,” Justin Ohlemiller, executive director of Stand for Children Indiana, said in a statement. “While serving in one of the most important jobs, it’s frankly a travesty how little educators across our state and nation get paid compared to employees in other sectors.”

Kristen Cutler, media relations coordinator for IPS said the amount of the raise will depend on where a teacher is in his or her career. But, she said about a quarter of IPS teachers will begin receiving that raise immediately.

The base-line salary for new teachers is raising from $35,684 to $40,000.

“That is just over a 12 percent raise for our beginning teachers,” Cutler said. “Teachers in the mid-range of their careers are going to see a raise anywhere from five to 10 percent.”

Teachers now make between $38,400 and $52,000. Once the raises take effect they’ll earn between $40,200 and $53,200.

“It’s been about five years since there’s been a raise for teachers and it’s definitely something that the administration and the school board agreed was well overdue,” Cutler said. “So that’s definitely something that’s been a long time coming but our administration is happy to be able to do it now.”

Cutler also said IPS has changed the amount of time it would take to reach the maximum salary. Previously educators would reach the cap after putting in 25 years of service. Now they will reach it in 16 years.

Ohlemiller applauded Dr. Ferebee, IPS superintendent, and his team’s work to retain educators.

“We look forward to seeing the next steps the district takes to build a strong pipeline of talented teachers,” Ohlemiller said in a statement.

Amanda Creech is a reporter for TheStatehouseFile.com, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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