“Indianans” no more: federal government to call us “Hoosiers”

Staff Report

INDIANAPOLIS —The name Hoosiers is officially on the books in the new federal government style guide.

“I’m pleased the federal government has granted our request and will now call us what we call ourselves: Hoosiers,” Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly said.This is a welcome and long overdue change.”

This comes after Donnelly and two Republicans, former Sen. Dan Coats and then-Rep. Todd Young, wrote a letter to the Government Publishing Office requesting to change “Indianan” into “Hoosiers.”

“We aren’t achieving world peace here, but it’s nice to be recognized by the federal government as Hoosiers,” Young said. “It’s not just a classic movie. It’s not just the nickname for IU athletics. It’s who we are.”

The Government Publishing Office is responsible for producing, publishing, distributing, and preserving information, products, and services in print and digital formats for all three branches of the federal government. This includes official publications of Congress, the White House, and other federal agencies.

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