Indiana racked up record job growth in 2012

By Tyler Gribbons

 INDIANAPOLIS –– The Indiana Economic Development Corp. announced Friday that 2012 had been a record for job creation in the state.

The IEDC reported that 256 companies committed to create more 27,600 jobs – a significant increase over the previous year’s total. In 2011, the state landed 19,080 job commitments.

The 2012 total, an IEDC press release said, was the highest on record for Indiana.

Dan Hasler, the state’s secretary of Commerce and the IEDC’s chief executive officer, said there were reasons for the jobs growth.

“From its falling corporate tax rate and recently enacted right-to-work legislation to its overall fiscal stability, these results are proof that companies find Indiana one of the most attractive places to create jobs,” Hasler said in a statement.

The IEDC also reported that the new jobs would pay an average hourly wage of $21.77, which is more than the state’s current average hourly wage of $19.74.

Much of the growth came in the automotive-related manufacturing sector with 7,180 new job commitments.

Gov. Mitch Daniels said the jobs numbers were proof that Indiana is on the right track.

“A better state economy starts with a positive business climate, and Indiana’s is now near the top of every list,” Daniels said in a statement. “But great credit goes to the job-hunters of the IEDC, and to our pro-growth partners in the General Assembly who helped us build that environment and build America’s best economic development agency.”

Tyler Gribbons is a reporter at, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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