Indiana Democrats file complaint over ‘misleading’ John Gregg ad

By Shelby Mullis

INDIANAPOLIS — The Republican Governors Association (RGA) is standing by their campaign ads against Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg following a recent complaint filed by the Indiana Democratic Party (IDP).

The Indiana Democratic Party filed a complaint Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), calling the two campaign ads “misleading” and “in violation of federal election law.”

“Mike Pence broke his promise on no negative campaigning, and he allowed the RGA to produce content that is misleading and in violation of federal election law,” said John Zody, IDP Chairman, in a press release. “We’re asking the FEC to investigate, and for the RGA to pull down the ad. It’s clear the RGA is willing to do anything to avoid talking about Gov. Mike Pence’s failed record.”

Candidates, third-party organizations and political committees, such as the Republican Governors Association, are required to carry disclaimers with their content — including television ads — regardless of the content, according to Federal Election Commission regulations.

In a recent press release, the Indiana Democratic Party said the Republican Governors Association failed to comply to these rules in their latest ads.

“We stand by our ad,” said Jon Thompson, an RGA spokesperson. “If this desperate attempt by Indiana Democrats to mislead voters is their only response to John Gregg’s record of wasteful spending, tax-hikes and special favors for his clients at Enron, his campaign is in serious trouble.”

Shelby Mullis is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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