First five years of state’s road construction plan unveiled

By Christian Sullivan

INDIANAPOLIS – Patience will be a key virtue for Hoosiers on the road as the state rolls out an infrastructure plan designed to take place over the next 20 years.  

Gov. Eric Holcomb, joined by INDOT Commissioner Joe McGuinness and other Statehouse leaders, uncovered the new program to improve Indiana’s roads and bridges, as well as the construction plan for the next five years.

Gov. Eric Holcomb unveils his Next Level Roads Plan, as well as the first five year’s construction plan. Also pictured are House Speaker Brian Bosma, Indiana Department of Transportation Joe McGuinness and Sen. Michael Crider. Photo by Christian Sullivan,

“I am so incredibly stoked about what today represents for the next, foreseeable future, 20 years, as a matter of fact,” Holcomb said. “For the first time in our state history, we now have a truly, fully-funded, sustainable 20-year roads program, and that is going to connect us, in ways, to markets like never before.” 

This infrastructure program is the largest that this state has ever seen, and potentially one of the largest in the nation, Holcomb said. 

In next five years, Hoosiers will see nearly 10,000 lane miles of resurfaced pavement and repairing or replacing approximately 1,300 bridges tallying a $4.7 billion in total investment.

After the initial five-year plan, the Next Level Roads Plan provides $347 million annually to support cities, towns and counties for local road projects by 2024. 

“The state, all 92 counties, all cities and towns will begin to see additional roll-out of orange barrels and construction crews,” said McGuinness. “So with that, I please ask that all traveling motorists, please, please be patient.” 

Some of these upcoming projects include replacing bridges on I-465, resurfacing parts of the road on I-65, and replacing a bridge on Keystone Avenue.

“These are just some of the major projects again, close to where stand here locally, that when added the dozens and dozens of other major state wide projects, are going to get drivers from point to point throughout Indiana quicker, but most importantly, safer than ever before,” said Holcomb. 

The Next Level Road Plan is a 20-year infrastructure plan. The initial five year construction plan will be a $4.7 billion investment. Photo by Christian Sullivan,

The list of the construction projects can be found on the INDOT website

The plan looks to make sure that the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term inconveniences by reducing congestion, improving safety and creating smoother highways. 

“This Next Level Roads Plan gives us all those necessary tools to maintain what we have, to finish what we started and to plan for the future,” Holcomb said. 

Christian Sullivan is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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