Driver’s license bill for foster children on its way to the governor

By Taylor Brown

 INDIANAPOLIS – A bill that will allow foster children to obtain a driver’s license is on its way to the governor’s desk.

Senate Bill 366 would allow foster children between the ages of 16 and 18 to get a license and insurance after going through court a review by the juvenile courts. The foster child will be able to obtain the license without paying a fee.

File photo of an Indiana driver’s license. Photo by Shelby Mullis,

Under current Indiana law, individuals in foster care are not able to obtain a driver’s license, get car insurance or go to driver education school without someone who chooses to be responsible for the child behind the wheel.

The House made a technical change to the bill ensuring that state and local government agencies shall not be required to pay any costs for the insurance and cannot be held liable for any damages that result from the minor applicant.

The Senate agreed with the House’s modification and passed it 49-0. The bill will now go to the governor’s desk where he has seven days to decide whether to sign it into law.

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