Department of Revenue modernizing tax processing system

By Brynna Sentel

INDIANAPOLIS—Allowing businesses to check the status of their taxes at any given point is just one perk of the new Indiana Department of Revenue’s Project NextDOR, which launches the first of four phases on Monday.

Project NextDOR is a completely new tax processing system, which will include the Indiana Tax System, or ITS, which is a more efficient internal tax processing software. The Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine, or INTIME, is also a part of the project and it includes a 24/7 self-service e-portal.

The Department of Revenue has a 14-year contract with Fast Enterprises and will spend $60 million in the four-year implementation phase and more than $17 million in the 10-year support and maintenance phase, said DOR Commissioner Adam Krupp.

Business owners will be the first to experience the new system and will now have expanded functionality, including online registration and the ability to view, file and amend returns. Hoosiers will also be able to view correspondence, send messages and update names and addresses through this new e-portal.

“This is definitely a game changer,” Krupp said.

NextDOR will eventually replace the old system of filing taxes that has been used for the last 25 years and is projected to be finished by July 2022.

The first phase focuses on corporate use, the second will include sales, the third will allow individuals to participate and the last phase will work with special taxes such as alcohol and gasoline.

Throughout the transition, DOR plans to keep the system up and running, though the online customer applications will be temporarily unavailable Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in preparation for the launch of INTIME on Monday.

“The entire department of revenue is excited about this project it is long overdue, but we are ready for rollout one,” Krupp said. “Next thing you know this project will be over and the system will be implemented, and the department of revenue will be fully transformed and modernized with the latest technology in the revenue processing industry.”

Brynna Sentel is a reporter at, a news website powered by Franklin College journalists.

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