DeLaney to introduce gun control legislation

By Ashley Steeb 

INDIANAPOLIS — Rep. Ed Delaney, D-Indianapolis, wants to propose gun control legislation during the next General Assembly.

“Indiana has very, very limited laws on gun safety, and in the case of James Wesley Howell, we utterly, utterly failed to enforce our very weak laws,” DeLaney said during a press conference Tuesday. “We need to first start enforcing the laws that we have and then get serious come January about having some real gun legislation.”

Hoosier native James Wesley Howell was arrested in California earlier this month for violating his probation by having three assault rifles, high capacity magazines and ammunition in his car. Howell was in California to attend a gay pride event.

According to DeLaney, 80 percent of American citizens support the restriction of access to automatic weapons, high capacity ammunition clips and universal background checks. He said legislation should follow the opinion of the people.

“That’s really all it is. It’s not that complicated,” said DeLaney. “There may be some more deep, long-term things we can do in study, but those are the clear obvious things with 80 percent support in the American public, and they should be done.”

Because of gridlock in Congress, DeLaney argued Indiana lawmakers need to be the ones to create the legislation.

“My Republican friends have got to decide that protecting the majority of our people is more important than protecting their majority in the House,” said DeLaney. “They got to be willing to take a chance.”

Ashley Steeb is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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