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VP Pence calls on Sen. Donnelly to vote ‘yes’ to tax cut

By Adrianna Pitrelli TheStatehouseFile.com  ANDERSON, Ind. —With a desire to cut taxes by the end of the year, Vice President Mike Pence came back home again to Indiana Friday for his first of three expected trips in the next month — but this time he targeted Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly. “Sen. Donnelly, we need your […]

Commentary: Health care, on the rocks

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Commentary: Health care, on the rocks

By John Krull TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS – As Republicans in the U.S. Senate lurch toward another destabilizing and self-destructive vote on health care, I find myself recalling a conversation with a couple of guys over drinks. One was Canadian. The other was English. It was back in the spring. We all were in Bermuda, on vacation […]