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Commentary: With the grownups, away from Washington

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Commentary: With the grownups, away from Washington

By John Krull TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS – Let’s check the scorecard right now in the world of politics. The president of the United States now is on the edge of war with the nation’s judicial branch. His angry tweets about a federal judge and now an entire federal appellate court have prompted widespread criticism from, among […]

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Q&A: Meet Sen. John Ruckelshaus, ready to work across the aisle

By Quinn Fitzgerald and Zoie Richey TheStatehouseFile.com This story is part of a series of Q&As with newly–elected members of the Indiana House and Senate. Some responses have been edited for brevity and clarity. INDIANAPOLIS ­­— Sen. John Ruckelshaus, R-Indianapolis, is a familiar face to the Statehouse. He served as a state representative from 1990 […]

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Parliamentarians, preserving Indiana Senate traditions

By Sarah Ramon TheStatehouseFile.com  INDIANAPOLIS – When named the first female Senate parliamentarian in Indiana history in November 1982, Kristi Hill didn’t give the accomplishment much thought. “It’s not a job most people ever have any reason to know exists,” Hill, 66, said. “It’s a pretty low-profile job and I really didn’t think that much […]

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