Criminals use ransomware to target Hoosiers

Staff Report

INDIANAPOLIS – Cybercriminals are using a growing form of hacking to target Hoosiers and gain control of their computers and information.

Just recently a not-for-profit healthcare facility fell victim to a ransomware attack, forcing it to transfer patients to a different hospital and reroute emergency responders to another facility.

Ransomware attacks usually occur when the user of a computer clicks on an infected advertisement, visits an infected website or downloads an infected file. This allows the cybercriminal to take complete control of the computer, locking the screen. In order for the user to regain access, the cybercriminals demand a payment.

The best way to avoid being cyber hacked is to avoid clicking on popups or links in emails that you do not trust or recognize.

If you do become a victim of ransomware, the Indiana Office of Technology recommends contacting the police. You can also report the crime to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at

You may be able remove the ransomware yourself by using a “system restore” to load your system back to its previous working configuration.

The state Office of Technology says not resort to paying off the ransom unless you have first talked to authorities, because payment does not guarantee that you will be given access back to your computer. is a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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