‘Bitter pill’ website provides info about prescription drug abuse

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INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers can now find information about prescription drug abuse – including how to recognize signs and symptoms and where to find help – on a website created by the Indiana attorney general’s office.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 1.42.18 PMThe site – www.BitterPill.IN.gov – is part of a larger statewide public awareness campaign aimed at what Attorney General Greg Zoeller calls a “prescription drug abuse epidemic.”

“Statistics show that abuse and misuse among all age groups is a serious problem in Indiana and that’s a bitter pill for our state to swallow,” Zoeller said in a statement.

“Whether you are seeking ideas on how to talk to your teenager about whether they are abusing prescription drugs, searching for help for yourself or a loved one or just want to know how to properly dispose of your unwanted medications, this new website serves as a one-stop shop,” he said. “I believe consumers need to be armed with information and the right resources so we can try to put an end to this epidemic.”

In 2011, 718 Hoosiers died from accidental drug overdoses, compared to 654 deaths the year before, according to the Indiana State Department of Health.

More people abuse prescription drugs in the U.S. than cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants combined, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Zoeller said www.Bitterpill.IN.gov served as an official sponsor of the Indiana State Fair on Friday in attempt to educate more Hoosiers about prescription drug abuse. Dr. Joan Duwve, the state health department’s chief medical officer, serves with Zoeller as co-chair of the task force and said public awareness is a critical component to tackling this statewide problem.

“We have to recognize prescription drug abuse for the serious problem that it is,” Duwve said.

According to the 2011 Indiana Youth Risk Behavior Survey, one in five Hoosier high school students has used controlled substances without a prescription.

“Teens have easy access to most of these drugs because they are commonly prescribed and end up in the home medicine cabinet,” Duwve said. “What is perceived as a ‘safe’ high, because a doctor prescribed it, too often ends up being deadly.”

Zoeller said his office and the task force will be announcing more details about the statewide public awareness campaign later this month.

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11 Responses to ‘Bitter pill’ website provides info about prescription drug abuse

  1. Felon Mike Lee/Meidha Fuller(aiding felon drug dist. out Habitat House) 2008-13 Felons conti. “defraud gov. at State Level
    Re: 19,000 award Anderson police-using for taser excuse the pun, dont need them when snithes are in vie-Mike Lee,felon, drug dealer, dead beat is given immunity, free housing thanks to Habitat-applicant Meisha Fuller, frre food Fullers foodstamps, free transportation-Fullers car, sex-mother of his kids, instead paying support-enjoys her benefits in return for his drug info others to APD crenshaw, mayor, sgt casey(also receives free HUD housing-same neighborhood) Lee get immunity allowed to maliciously trespass, solicit(if u deny-drugs, traffic) your property is mutilated(picures
    damaged autos, property served floyd edwards-Comm Dev. sgt. casey never turned over 5yrs ago)
    What this dept needs is cleaning out! Somewhere/somebody in corruption with a felon. While Fuller-aids abets felon+ felony
    Allowed to remain hse with a felon-review Habitat, Dir. lease agreement-Crenshaw/mayor-Smith has a copy.
    Habita-Dir, board member Shirley Weatherly APD mentioned all are in contempt.
    This money is needed to clean up city Anderson gov.. start state level..take heed

  2. Would be great if they were actually concerned about what they claim to care about.
    Really, this is about politics and justifying some needless positions of employment with the state. This much was pretty clear when the IN Ag provided examples of how this alleged abuse has harmed someone. Many of the “examples” would not have turned out any differently under the new rules the office wants. Also, the AG completely fails to address the problems that it happily imposes upon legit pain patients.
    Yes, the party line is the same old “we know pain is under treated” but no part of the new rules accounts for this – and the (now a pseudo-profession) pharmacists have given their patients’ privacy in exchange for a little more “job security.”
    Given the resources, this is a very irresponsible course of action. But then, these people seem to be counting on voter apathy(or party loyalty) to stay in office. The misery they have inflicted is easily 20 times greater than the danger they claim to be protecting us from.

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