Bill to give immunity to volunteer docs, nurses moves back to House

By Adam Lee 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that gives civil immunity to volunteer healthcare providers.

House Bill 1145, authored by Rep. David Frizzell, R-Indianapolis, is meant to encourage doctors, nurses and other providers to volunteer their services. The bill does not give civil immunity for events that may occur due to property or safety issues.

HB 1145 also requires the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency to create a health care volunteer registry where volunteer providers will be listed and may be approved a location where they can be immune from liability for up to two years.

Under the bill volunteers must provide certain records and results on patients, and patients must sign a document that signifies they are aware the provider has civil immunity.

The Senate passed the bill 46-2 and it now moves back to the House where the amendments made to the bill will be considered.

Adam Lee is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.

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