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Lugar outspends Mourdock on ads

By Megan Banta The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS—Incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, Lugar’s challenger in the Republican Senate primary, aired conflicting campaign commercials this week. Mourdock’s ad aired statewide Monday and Thursday on FOX News and CNN during the Republican presidential debates. It focused on showing voters that Lugar isn’t […]

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Lawmakers look to trim inheritance tax

By Jessica Wray The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – Lawmakers are considering a plan to phase-out a tax that Hoosiers have to pay when they inherit from a friend or loved one. Rep. Eric Turner, R-Marion, presented a bill that would phase out the state inheritance tax over a 10-year period. The phase-out would begin with […]


Government consolidation bill provokes debate

By Tim Grimes The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – A measure to streamline government that would eliminate a number of boards, commissions and committees stalled in committee Tuesday morning because of opposition to the elimination of the Natural Resources Advisory Council and consolidation of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Most of the eliminations in House […]


Tougher Open Door Law moves to House floor

By Sandie Love The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – A committee in the Indiana House of Representatives Tuesday approved a measure that would stiffen the state’s Open Door Law, but not before amending the bill to make the penalties harder to impose. In its original form, House Bill 1093 would have allowed judges to fine public […]

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More about the ‘duel’ Daniels mentioned in his speech

By Samm Quinn The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Mitch Daniels mentioned in his State of the State speech Tuesday that two legislators, a Democrat and a Republican, had gone to Kentucky to “fight a duel” in 1861. Since the speech, Daniels has received emails and calls from people who wondered about the outcome and […]

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Man gets 33 years in sextortion case

By Zach Osowski The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – A federal court Friday sentence Trevor Shea to 33 years in prison in a “sextortion” case after Shea pled guilty to seven different counts of child pornography. The court also sentenced Shea to lifetime supervision when he gets out of prison. “Today’s hearing brings an end to […]

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Schools may take attendance twice a year for funds

By Ellie Price The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – The House Education Committee Friday unanimously approved a bill that would base school corporations’ funding on two days when attendance is taken instead of just one. Although House Bill 1189 originally called for four counts, or days when attendance is considered for funding, the committee approved an […]

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Lawmakers want to tighten controls on synthetic drugs

By Zach Osowski The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – Members of the Indiana House of Representatives are considering a measure they say would keep them a step ahead of people who create synthetic drugs, at least for now. There has been an outbreak in the past couple years of a new drug known as “bath salts” […]

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Experts disagree about whether Indiana’s primary will matter

By Megan Banta and Krista Chittum The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS—Given Mitt Romney’s wins in the Republican New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucus, political experts are split about whether Hoosier voters will matter when Indiana’s primary rolls around on May 8. Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, said it’s likely that […]

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Attempt to stiffen state’s open door law stalls

By Sandie Love The Statehouse File INDIANAPOLIS – A committee in the Indiana House of Representatives Tuesday took testimony on and debated a measure that would stiffen penalties for public officials who defy Indiana’s open door law. The House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee, though, put off a vote on House Bill 1093. The bill’s […]