6 things to know about Indiana’s new scooter law

By Lesley Weidenbener

INDIANAPOLIS – Thousands of Hoosiers who drive scooters and mopeds will face new restrictions and requirements starting Jan. 1 and state officials say licenses branches will be ready to accommodate them.

The law requires moped drivers to be at least 15 years old. And it means those who don’t have a driver’s license – whether because they’re too young or lost it after a drunken driving arrest – will need to take a test to become legal.

Approved by the General Assembly earlier this year, the law also creates two categories of so-called motor driven cycles.

Class B includes most scooters and mopeds and is defined as those cycles with cylinder capacities that don’t exceed 50 cubic centimeters. Essentially, these are motorbikes that can go no faster than roughly 30 miles per hour.

Bikes with larger cylinder capacities are more like motorcycles and are categorized as Class A. Those drivers will face most of the same restrictions and requirements that the owners of motorcycles do now.

Officials from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles said Wednesday they expect the vast majority of new registrations to fall into the Class B category. Here are six questions and answers about how the new law affects those less powerful motorized bikes:

Question: Who can drive a moped or scooter?

Answer: Anyone who is at least 15 years old and has one of the following: A valid driver’s license, a valid driver’s permit or an unexpired state identification card with a motor driven cycle endorsement. DUI arrests do not prevent someone from using a scooter.

Q: How do I get motor driven cycle endorsement?

A: Go to your local license branch. If you don’t have a valid license or learner’s permit, you must pass a 25-question written test that will focus primarily on road signs and signals. If you pass, you’ll walk out of the branch with a temporary credential allowing you to drive your scooter or moped.

The endorsement will cost $10.50 – unless you meet the qualifications for a free ID card.

Q: Where can I ride my scooter – and how fast?

A: You can ride on public streets and roadways but not on interstates or sidewalks. You can drive up to 35 miles per hour, although you can’t exceed the maximum posted speed in the area.

Q: Are there other restrictions?

A: Yes. You’ll need a helmet if you’re younger than 18. You must use your headlamps at all times and must remain correctly seated on the bike. You’re also required to stay on the right side of the road unless you’re passing another vehicle or preparing for a left turn.

Passengers are not allowed and you can’t carry a package in your hands.

Q: Do I have to register my moped or scooter?

A: Yes. At the license branch, you’ll need to prove your ownership of the motorized bike with one of the following: A certificate of title, manufacturer’s certificate of origin, a bill of sale, or an ownership affidavit.

The registration fee is $26.35 and the excise tax is $10.

Q: Do I need insurance?

A: No. Not for the less powerful or Class B motor driven cycles.

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20 Responses to 6 things to know about Indiana’s new scooter law

  1. If these kids are on the road with the potential to.be in or cause accident.they should be required. To have insurance. Wht should a driver have to file a vcla I m if he dint cause the accident. Every vehicle on the road is at risk of something happening….

    • I think that everyone who is over 18 with a class B should be able to carry a passenger that’s why they make 2 seats on a moped… Duh…. For the people who are under the age of 18 I do believe that the law should go for them and not experienced drivers.who cares if you lost your lisence. I still think that people over the age of 18 should be able to carry passengers.

  2. This law is rediculous! So it’s gonna cost me the same amount to register my truck as it will be for my scooter!

    Scooters should not have to be. Registered and plated every year either. I get renewing the plate, but registration of a scooter, or any other type of vehicle for that matter every year should be done away with. No vehicle should have to be registered apart from a title change and or sale.

    Why does this have to cost so much anyway? A $10 excise fee!? Really??? Like we scooters riders were demanding for this “Let’s see how we can take more money out of the pockets of our taxpayer’s”, law.

    • It’s all about making more money the only reason I got my scooter is because my license are suspended so now I have to get a class B endorsement to be legal that’s just messed up

  3. I was curious, I understand that you can not have a passenger, but what about legality of pulling a small cargo trailer for like groceries and such. I don’t drive because of my depth perception but I ride scooter everywhere. I was curious if there are any laws stopping me from utilizing a small trailer.

  4. Ryan as of 2014 they were not letting you pull small trailers with a scooter however since the new law i have not seen any but i also have not herd anything about it

  5. How do I plate a moped that I built from frame up is there any specific info on that?

  6. I would like to know how someone can get anything legalized if the person built it from grown up ???

  7. I would like to know how someone can get anything legalized if the person built it from grown up ???
    I did not ask this question before some one else did… I just have the same question. So why are you not answering the question ???

  8. To get a scooter legal if you built it yourself you’ll have to contact you’ll local BMV. I’m pretty sure it’s like a trailer though which you have to have an officer come out and look it over to make sure it meets the legal requirements then you’ll get a vin number and title.

  9. My question is if it falls in class A it’s a 150cc, do you need a drivers license, ? Insurance? And can it be driven on the interstate , it does 65mph, is it looked at as a motorcycle?

  10. Hey im 12 and i ride a 1989 yamaha razz around my niegber hood and its not lisend or resiterd i dont were a helment but im a realy responceable driver and i only drive in my niegber hood which has a speed lemit of 20mph but i only go 15. im i breaking any laws?

    • Everything stated is breaking the law on a scooter. Unregistered/unplated scooter is not allowed on the public streets no matter if it’s in a neighborhood. Minimum age required is 15, with license, permit, or ID.

  11. hey Im 12 can i drive a pocket bike in the 2 acres of field.

  12. Does 50cc itself qualify as class B

  13. Do you have to have a license for a mobility scooter

  14. I’m 16 years old can I drive a 150 cc scooter
    With a learners license

  15. I got 200cc Baja Warrior that goes 23 miles per hr. what do i to drive it to work?

  16. I got baja warior mini bike 200cc that goes only 23mph what do i need so I’m able to drive it?

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