Senate bill would legalize CBD oil

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INDIANAPOLIS—The Indiana Senate has approved its version of legislation that would legalize the sale of CBD oil, or cannabidiol, for use by all Hoosiers.

Senate Bill 52, authored by Sen. Michael Young, R-Indianapolis, was approved by a 35-13 vote Monday. Similar legislation passed the House last week.

SB 52 legalizes CBD oil that contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the substance in the plant that gives marijuana users a high. Legislation passed in the 2017 session limited the use of CBD oil to patients with epilepsy.

“So many people have benefitted from using CBD oil to treat a variety of problems like epilepsy, cancer and anxiety,” Young said in a statement. “Since we are limiting how much THC can be in the product, there is no risk for people to use this to get high. My hope with this bill is that more Hoosiers will be able to use this product to treat their ailments.”

SB 52 moves to the House as the House bills move to the Senate.

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